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  1. I completely agree with you. I teach HS Biology and one of my favorite ways to fascinate my students is to talk about the human brain. There are many extraordinary things our brain can do and just as many still have yet to be discovered. Our brain blows any super computer out of the water. It performs 10 quadrillion calculations every second, many of which you don’t even have to think about. You do not have to think about how much blood flows through your arteries or that you have to make your heart beat faster when you are running. We are not consciously controlling any of our internal organs. Our brain is capable of running our entire body at peak capacity without us even being aware of it. That’s crazy to me!

    The placebo effect is another neat topic to get into. If a subject truly believes they are getting medicine to make them feel better, a lot of times they will. Their brain will actually override those nerves or send out certain hormones to make them feel better. It also amazes me that we can train our brain to ignore the pain receptors in our skin sending signals to our brain. This can also be done involuntarily as well. It was an evolutionary adaption for this to happen. If a person experiences a dramatic injury they will go into shock. A person in shock sometimes does not even realize they are hurt. This trait is advantageous to be passed on because it allows for an individual to get to safety if they have a severe injury. I read stories all the time about hikers falling off a cliff and breaking basically every bone in their body. They all say they crawled several miles to safety feeling no pain. It wasn’t until they were rescued that the pain started to kick in. I can’t imagine that would be too fun…

    I believe some people are able to tap into their brain better than others. I saw a documentary about a partially blind man who plays billiards better completely blindfolded compared to when he uses his partial eyesight. Light enters our eyes through the pupil and hits the back of our retina where it excites different rods and cones. Those receptors sent a signal to our occipital lobe and our brain translates the image. Somehow this man does not even need all of that. The wavelengths of photonic energy completely bypasses his eyes when he is blindfolded and his brain is able to directly interpret the wavelengths of light. He can even see color! I could go on and on about how facinating our own body is especially our brain. I am excited to learn about new capabilities of our mind and where that may take us as a human race.

    1. I’m always glad I don’t have to keep myself alive by remembering to breathe or contract my heart. The brain is simply amazing. Thank you for your great comment!

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