Four Reasons to Teach Science Well

I’ve been reading up on K-12 Science teaching recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences. The following is from a 2007 document, Ready, Set, Science!: Putting Research to Work in K-8 Science Classrooms (National Academies Press).

Four Reasons to Teach Science Well

  1. Science is an enterprise that can be harnessed to improve quality of life on a global scale.

  2. Science may provide a foundation for the development of language, logic, and problem-solving skills in the classroom

  3. A democracy demands that its citizens make personal, community-based, and national decisions that involve scientific information.

  4. For some students, science will become a lifelong vocation or avocation.


p>Another good reference from this publication:

Four Strands of Science Learning

Strand 1: Understanding Scientific Explanations

Strand 2: Generating Scientific Evidence

Strand 3: Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge

Strand 4: Participating Productively in Science

Types of Support Teachers Need to Teach Science Well:

  • High-quality curriculum or supplementary materials
  • Means by which to have their questions answered (texts, colleagues, outside experts)
  • Time and support to work through science tasks as learners
  • Opportunity to explore a variety of materials and experience problems that students might have
  • Time to think about and assess the knowledge their students bring to class