Never send to know for whom the budget tolls, it tolls for thee: an open letter Part I.

To whom it may concern,

This letter is for any and all that have a genuine interest in the future of our country. Many whose livelihood and passion dwells under the umbrella of Research & Development have watched helplessly over the past decade a deterioration in the enterprise that has made the United States the most successful global leader in the history of civilization. This enterprise emerged from one of the darkest tragedies in our nation’s history on December 7, 1941. With great foresight, our leaders knew resilience and ultimately the preservation of our way of life depended not upon naive belief but creativity and innovation among the brightest minds in the country; themselves immigrants brought here by persecution. 

Beginning with the Manhattan Project, the U.S. has built unchallenged scientific leadership. The unfortunate irony is that another dark tragedy on September 11, 2001 started its slow downward spiral. 

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  1. It’s hard to believe just how much ignorance won out that day- not only the ignorance of the terrorists but the ignorant strain of our very own culture, which we hold to be so superior. We still vilify the “evil other” with their odd ways, but fail to see how we have seemingly become just as they (specifically the AQ bunch) were. In a sense they won not just the battle, but almost the war, unless we can perpetuate a revolution of enlightenment. I just read a CNN editorial by LZ Granderson regarding the dumbing down of our nation and it’s sobering stuff.

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