13 Replies to “Dimples Are A Genetic Flaw”

  1. I think the writer of the article is just mad he/she doesn’t have dimples. Science is accurate, but there’s no accurate say in whether or not it’s a flaw, especially since the allele that gives you dimples is the DOMINANT ALLELE.
    My counter-opinion to the writers: neither having nor not having dimples is a flaw, it’s just what your Gene expression ended up being. Flaw implies that either case was the ‘wrong’ or imperfect way of being, but who is to decide that?

  2. I have two dimples…but they’re both on my left cheek. My right cheek has none. Maybe, it’s strange, but I like them.

    Speaking of genetic flaws that are considered attractive, here’s another one (apparently, according to some articles I’ve read): blue eyes. Apparently, it was a genetic mutation wherein the ability to produce melanin for eye colour is turned off. Whatever ! They’re considered definitely attractive now !

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