An Open Letter to the Science Channel

Dear Science Channel,

First, let me thank you for the countless hours of edutainment you have provided me over the years. They have been informative and helped me visualize this universe in many ways. Over the past several months or so, I have noticed something…a trend really…about your content; it is almost entirely focused on the field of physics. I am not complaining about this great content since we would not be here without it. However, as a trained biochemist, I find myself extremely jealous of the exposure given to all-things-space-related.

Biology Matters

I agree on the premise that we would “not be here” if not for the physical forces woven by Mother Nature. But, we would also not be here if it were not for the majestic ways matter interacts throughout the universe. No where is this more noticeable than in biology. Biology at all levels requires the interactions of everything, living or not, that are found at levels below. For example, the biomolecules found in all living organisms are only relevant due to the fundamental interactions of the elements which these molecules are composed of. I know this is a chicken vs. egg gripe. Without physics, there is no biology, and without biology, we could not show stellar programming (pun intended) about our universe.

Physics is Mother Nature’s love letter written in the language of mathematics. But science does not have large to be worth attention. Every living cell has a million stories, all worthy of being described and narrated by Mike Rowe.

We are star stuff, but the star stuff becomes much more when everything comes together, interacts, and forms the recipe for Life. This is what many are searching for in outer space, right? Why not focus a bit more on what we do know exists…us.


Matt Russell, Ph.D.