My Journey into Science: Participation to Passion


I’ve always loved science. I even love the word. Those aptitude tests we all take in school also knew I loved the natural sciences. In high school, Biology came easy for me, and I took it all in (thank you,…

Earth: This is Our One Shot, Don’t Blow It

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Tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning, my wife and I are heading to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. I’m going to meet my son. Over the next 20 years or so, my duty as a father is to mould and…

Jumping on the Carl Sagan Bandwagon (And Following the Laws of Physics)

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Embarrassingly, I have to admit something. Despite my overwhelming love of science and passion for teaching science to others, I grew up not knowing whom Carl Sagan was. Back story: I grew up in East Tennessee, the son of a…

Mother Nature’s Chuckle: The Language of the Universe is not English


  There it is. Our home. To us it seems like such a huge place where we will never meet all our neighbors. A place where we live our daily lives consumed with news and opinions from all directions. We…

Purple and Nine: Helping Encourage Teen Girls Into STEM Fields


I will let the creators tell you their story. If you would like to contribute, please click here. What am I doing here? Welcome to Indiegogo, if this is your first time. We are raising money to get a series…

How to Submit to Abstract 2.0


I’m very glad to finally initiate Abstract 2.0. I hope this resource will be of great help to anyone willing to utilize it. For now, I have set up a separate website for the submission and archiving of abstracts by…

Abstract 2.0 Is On: Help Wanted


I have sat on this long enough. It’s not like a have anything else going on right now (except the birth of a son in a ¬†month, syllabus to write, classes to prepare, evaluations to do, data to journal, …)….

The Science Bubble


The following link is profound. The current issue of EdgeScience takes a brilliant look at how the current era in science is more about rushing technology to market to benefit society than the underlying universal truths that must first be…

A STEM Book Explaining Bacteria to Kids: Begging Without the Cardboard Sign


I was recently approached about developing a children’s book to educate about bacteria in hopes of clarifying misconceptions many have about ‘nasty germs’. I must say how¬†amazed and honored by the invitation I am. The company is small without a…

Bacterial Chemotaxis and Human Memory: Pete and Repeat


Many do not place ‘bacteria’ and ‘memory’ in the same sentence. Normal human perception does not connect the two concepts. However, Mother Nature seems to have a more profound perception. The past 50 years or so of scientific investigation has…